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2012 – Day 8 – Kenya Africa Wildlife Photography Tour – Masia Mara

Waiting for Crossing - Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Waiting for Crossing – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Nikon D800E f/2.8@ 1/160 ISO 2200

Day 8 – Shooting on the Masai Mara – August 31st – Shoot Day 6

This is our final day on the Masai Mara Plains. Our main goal today is to try and photograph a Wildebeest river crossing. We have been trying for days but the timing had just not worked out. We planned to focus on a crossing but still photograph other subjects as they pass our way.

As we left our camp, we first ran across two lions feeding on a fresh Wildebeest kill and then we moved along to see a large Wildebeest gathering. Again, this was something we saw everyday and all day on the Mara. We then noticed a Secretary bird in a tree, which was a rare sight for our group. They were usually on the ground kicking up their heels looking for snakes.

We then preceded on to capture a silhouette of vultures in a tree, which made for sort of an eerie image. I had to wait for a shot with all their heads up. Soon, we were off to the closest Masai Village for a shoot and visit with the local tribe to photograph and learn more about their culture. We spent the rest of our time until lunch shooting and learning from the tribe. The men jumping to impress the tribal women were very interesting. We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the village.

Robert Shreve with Masai Warriors - Masai Mara kenya Africa 2012

Robert Shreve with Masai Warriors – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Lunch at 12:30pm back at the Intrepid camp.

Before making yet another attempt at a river crossing, we continued to shoot our way all the way to the river. We shot most of the afternoon including 2 female lions feeding on a wildebeest, a cheetah and a huge number of migrating wildebeests in a line that went on for miles and miles. We again sat by the river for about an hour waiting for the wildebeest and zebras to cross. Although there were thousands of them by the river, they never crossed.

On our way back to the camp, we took a few sunset photos. The most interesting event our group witnessed that day was the sight of Wildebeests and zebras numbering in the thousands stampeding just outside of our camp. They were running around like crazy creating a huge dust cloud.

Back to camp at Intrepid and dinner at 7:30pm.

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