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2012 – Day 7 – Kenya Africa Wildlife Photography Tour – Masia Mara

Upward Wildebeast - Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Upward Wildebeast – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Nikon D800E f/24@1/40 ISO 200

Day 7 – Shooting on the Masai Mara – August 30th – Shoot Day 5

Morning wake up call at 5:45am, cookies and fresh coffee delivered to our room. Took a quick shower, got dressed and was off to continue to look for the elusive leopard. We finally ran across a leopard that morning but we had difficulty getting into the right position for the best shot. I attempted to use fill flash for the shot as the Leopard was mostly in the shade. This was a decision that I would regret as the grass was so high and the flash created a tremendous amount of overexposure even when dialed down by 2 stops. Our vehicle never got into an optimal position due to the other 20 or so vehicles from other groups surrounding the leopard. Oh well, there would be others, I hoped.

Robert Shreve on Safari - Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Robert Shreve on Safari – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Next, we ran across a group of wildebeests and zebras as we did all day long on the Mara. This time I took a different approach of shooting them while panning and using a slow shutter speed to create motion. I really liked the results of this technique.

Next, we found a good spot to meet others in our group for a box breakfast and a discussion of the day’s events. After eating, we continued onward in search of new birds or animals that we hadn’t seen or better opportunities for ones we still needed better images. As we progressed we came across yet another Lilac Breasted Roller, more giraffes and then back to our camp for lunch. I can tell you that the food at Intrepid Safari Lodge is fantastic!

Lunch was at 12:30pm

On our late afternoon Safari outing we saw yet another Secretary Bird, more Giraffes, Topi and late in the evening, a group of lions close to our encampment with a wildebeest kill. We were shooting at high ISO’s in the very late evening light.

Back to camp before sunset for dinner at 7:30pm and downloading of the day’s images.

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