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2012 – Day 6 – Kenya Africa Wildlife Photography Tour – Masia Mara

Oxpecker Whispers to Eland - Masai Mara Kenya Africa  2012

Oxpecker Whispers to Eland – Masai Mara Kenya Africa  2012

Nikon D800E f/5.6@1/250 ISO 50

Day 6 – Shooting on the Masai Mara – August 29th – Shoot Day 4

Began the day again at 5:45am with a sunrise shoot just after departing the tented camp. Captured an image of a vulture basking in the morning light before spotting a female lion doing the same. We also came across a male lion in the morning light enjoying his wildebeest breakfast. The grass was so tall that we were unable to achieve a quality image of the lion. Next, we spotted a pack of hyenas that had just finished up a kill and were guarding the last remaining morsels. We were unable to get close enough to see what they had hunted and killed.

A little further down the plain, we spotted two male lions basking in the sun. Shortly after we saw them, the lions decided to walk down to the river for a drink together. It was interesting to watch them as they worked together, went their separate ways for a bit, and then rejoined, disappearing into the brush.

Next, we spotted a group of baboons with small babies. We carefully photographed the mothers with their young, trying not to disturb them. The baboons really didn’t even look at us most of the time. They seemed to be in their own world.

Only a short distance away we spotted a few Elands, which we were able to photograph although, it was very difficult. These animals were skittish and would not let us get close to them so, out came the heavy telephotos to obtain the image we required!

Everyone was very excited when we spotted our first sitting of giraffes in the wild. It was late in the day and just the beginning of the “golden hour.” As we kept moving, we noticed another secretary bird stomping and grabbing with its talons looking for snakes.

Shortly thereafter, we spotted a small group of elephants. I didn’t capture my best elephant photos at this location, as the light was still a bit harsh. Continuing down the road as we looked for a leopard, we spotted more tupi, wildebeest and zebras. Finally, we came across a cheetah lying under a large tree in the shade. I obtained an excellent image of the beautiful animal that I was very pleased with. Later, we also came across a cheetah female with two cubs in the late afternoon golden sunlight. What a sight to see the mother playing with her two cubs so lovingly!

We wrapped up the day with sunset shots on the Masai Mara.

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