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2012 – Day 5 – Kenya Africa Wildlife Photography Tour – Masia Mara

Mara Sunrise - Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Mara Sunrise – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Fuji GX 617 Film – Fuji Velvia 50

Day 5 – Shooting on the Masai Mara – August 28th – Shoot Day 3

The sounds during the night were incredible. I believe there were hippos in the river just below our camp that were splashing and snorting all night long. Plus, I could hear the noisy baboons that must have gotten inside the electric fence via the tree canopy.

Daily wake up call at 5:45am with hot coffee and cookies. I was already awake at 5:00am because I didn’t slept well at all. I took a nap the prior afternoon, which I shouldn’t have and I was still not adjusted to the time change. I planned on staying awake until bedtime that evening to ensure a good nights’ rest and to get on schedule. Got ready and dressed for the morning game drive.

I was dressed and at the vehicles by 6:30am with gear ready for the game drive. As we ventured out, we ran into a great number of Cape buffalo just outside of the camp. We proceeded to find a foreground element to capture a landscape shot of the morning sunrise. I shot with the Fuji GX 617 with Fuji 50 Velvia Film again to capture a panorama using 180mm Fuji Lens.

We captured images of a Hyena and then ran across 6 female lions that were rapidly consuming a wildebeest. Captured many images depicting the balance of life on the Masai Mara.

Later, our group spotted a mother lion and her two cubs, so we moved the vehicles into position. Unfortunately, I was unable to achieve the shot I wanted of the mother with her two cubs, however, I was able to obtain a few images that captured their tight relationship. Just to the opposite of the mother and cubs was a fresh kill and the vultures had moved in to satisfy their appetites. Obtained a few flying bird images and moved onward.

Continued roaming the Masai Mara plains and ran across a lot of topi, zebras and wildebeests. Again spotted another lion and continued to photograph her in the grass basking in the morning sun while watching over the plain. I also used a slow shutter speed and panning to photograph a large number of wildebeests in action as they ran across the plain.


Female Cheetah and Cub at Breakfast - Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Female Cheetah and Cub at Breakfast – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Nikon D800E f/11@1/80 ISO 200

We spotted a pair of cheetahs with a fresh kill and then photographed a couple more cape buffalo and wildebeests before returning back to our camp for dinner at 7:30pm, cocktails and a good night’s sleep.


[Note: After the female Cheetah and her cub finished off breakfast the female jumped on top of one of our safari vehicles….luckily she was full and docile….

Cheetah on Safari - Masai Mara kenya Africa 2012

Cheetah on Safari – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Fuji GX617 Panorama Film Camera – Fuji Velvia 50

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