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2012 – Day 4 – Kenya Africa Wildlife Photography Tour – Masia Mara

Male Lion Wildebeast Kill - Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Male Lion Wildebeast Kill – Masai Mara Kenya Africa 2012

Nikon D800E f/8.0@1/200 ISO 200

Day 4 – Shooting on the Masai Mara – August 27th – Shoot Day 2

I woke up at 5:45am and prepared for the day. Our tent staff delivered morning cookies and coffee at wakeup. Then it was time for a shower. Water was nice and hot, flowing directly from the hotel boilers. We met up and loaded into our designated Land Cruisers. Light began to break as we departed from the electric fenced camp area. We proceeded out onto the open plains looking for wildlife. The usual and numerous Wildebeests and zebras along with several interesting bird species immediately came into sight. Within 30 minutes, we ran across a male and female ostrich that were in a mating dance. Within minutes, the pair was mating. This lasted about 20 seconds and then they parted ways and went about their day. As we drove a bit further, we saw what we believe to be a hyena in the grass; however, it was actually a male lion eating a wildebeest! We were the first Land Cruiser to arrive at this scene. The lion continued about his business even as we photographed him. After a few minutes, the lion became frustrated with the numerous photographers clicking away, so he carried his kill into the brush where he could eat in peace.

We then proceeded to photograph a large group of vultures eating a fresh kill. Stayed there for a while as other bird species showed up to feast. It was breakfast time, so we drove over to the Talek River where we exited the vehicles to eat. We took numerous bird photos and watched as a few hippos cautiously crossed the river. It took a while for them to generate the courage to slide down the river’s steep edge where the nice cool water awaited them.

After breakfast, we spotted a large group of baboons so we photographed them as they moved through the grass. There were a few with their young, holding tightly to their mothers’ backs as they were carried through the grass.

We proceeded onward and spotted a few birds, including a secretary bird. A few minutes later, we ran across a male lion and two female lions. The male lion was watching over a fresh kill and mating with the two female lions. He mated approximately 4 times- once with an older female and three times with a younger female, all in about 30 minutes’ time. He watched over his kill and made way to interrupt any eating by vultures or other birds.

We continued onward to photograph a warthog and a hippo before returning to camp for dinner at 7:30pm. We retired to our tented facilities to prepare for the next day.

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