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2012 – Day 3 – Bosque Del Apache/White Sands New Mexico Tour – Bosque Del Apache

On Our third day we again rose early to make it out to the fly out before/at sunrise. Again it is important to get there very early. It was really cold so we had to add extra layers for the morning shooting. It’s important to bring gloves that will help with the cold but still allow you to operate your camera. The flyout on this day was nat as spectacular as the day before. After the fly out we again made several trips around the North and South loops to capture more images. The Sandhill Cranes were plentiful on the East side of the North Loop and to the North. There are plenty of grain fields for them to go to feed.


Bosque Del Apache 2012 - In Flight Sandhill Crane

Bosque Del Apache 2012 – In Flight Sandhill Crane
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Bosque Del Apache 2012 - Bernardo Snow Geese

Bosque Del Apache 2012 – Bernardo Snow Geese

Around noon we made our way to Socorro to grab a to go sandwich and we headed up Interstate 25 to Bernardo, NM. At Bernardo there is another area called Bernardo Wildlife Management and there are many more grain fields in this area. There are alo elevated blinds that you can walk up the stairs and setup your tripod and shoot for hours! It is a terrific setup and allows you to get a really good view of all the birds. From this location we primarily saw various blackbirds as well as thousands of Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese. The geese would fly around in massive groups from time to time which would creat massive confusion amongst all the wildlife. It was fun just to watch them. Be prepared at this location as you will shoot hundreds of images as it becomes quite addicting. We shot here till about 4:00pm and then headed back to Bosque Del Apache to again catch the evening fly in.

Bosque Del Apache 2012 - Sandhill Crane Landing

Bosque Del Apache 2012 – Sandhill Crane Landing
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The evening fly in was spectacular as usual. I think next trip i will pack some mud boots as the edge of the lake is muddy and it helps to get out past the trees. So therefore, it will help to have on mudboots so I won’t ruin my good hiking boots. Click Here for Day 4 at Bosque Del Apache

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