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2011 – Day 9 – USA Southwest Photography Road Trip – Monument Valley

Sunrise Totem Pole at Monument Valley

Sunrise Totem Pole at Monument Valley

 Hasselblad H4D-40 f/32@1/800 ISO 100

05/14/2011– Saturday Day 9

Monument Valley

Arose at 4:00am to proceed to The View Hotel lobby to wait for our guide. He met us promptly and we loaded up in his vehicle to head out. We began at Totem Pole at sunrise and captured the beauty of the sun rising behind Totem Pole. He then proceeded to take us to various other locations in the valley. We basically shot til around 11:00am.

We took a noon break by having lunch at The View Hotel and making our way around the area to all the shops and local venders.

For sunset, we went back to the same spot North of the View Hotel to capture panorama images of the Mittens and the expanse of the valley. This time some really great clouds moved in so we were able to capture some amazing images of Monument Valley. We finally captured our keepers!

Sundown on Mittens

Sundown on Mittens

Hasselblad H4D-40 f/32@1/4 ISO 100

Had dinner at View Hotel and back to bed.

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