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2011 – Day 12 – USA Southwest Photography Road Trip – Page Arizona – North Rim Grand Canyon

Horseshoe Bend - Arizona

Horseshoe Bend – Arizona

Nikon D3X f/22@1/8 Exp Comp 1.33 ISO 50

05/17/2011– Page Arizona, North Rim Grand Canyon Day 12

Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon North Rim

We had a casual breakfast at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel and waited for midday again to shoot Horseshoe Bend at noon. The sky was filled with interesting clouds so we were excited to go back to Horseshoe Bend to see if we could get even better shots. Sure enough, at noon the clouds we incredible and we were able to finally get our keeper shots.

Unfortunately, we were not ever able to get a Wave permit from the Paria Ranger Station. So, we had to leave the area early and proceed to the Grand Canyon. In addition, I had damaged my knee hiking out of House on Fire several days earlier and the pain from this internal knee injury was getting worse.

After shooting Horseshoe Bend we proceeded to drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Upon arriving at the North Rim we were able to get the last campground spot outside the North Rim Hotel. The hotel was booked. We setup camp and proceeded down the trail to shoot Bright Angel Point. Again, unfortunately the weather was not co-operating and we had intense cloud cover that was ruining any chance of great shots. We did the best we could and preceded back to camp. It was extremely cold at this altitude so we bundled up and made some hot soup for dinner.

We arose very early around 5:00am and the entire campground was covered in snow!! I thought to myself…isn’t it May?

Based on the weather and my knee continuing to worsen we decided to call the trip early and head home. We had such a great time on this 12-day road trip and we were disappointed to skip the remainder of the North Rim and the South Rim per our itinerary. Unfortunately, the weather sometimes has different plans.


Happy Shooting!

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