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2011 – Day 11 – USA Southwest Photography Road Trip – Page Arizona – Wave Attempt, Horseshoe Bend

05/16/2011 – Page Arizona Day 11

Wave Attempts, Horseshoe Bend

Rose early to drive to Paria Ranger Station to apply for a “Wave” permit. Again, this place is a madhouse. The Park Rangers do an excellent job but there were about 60 people there the morning we went. The lottery went off at 9:00am like clockwork. We did not get a pass. I even applied for three separate days in February for a May permit and didn’t get a permit. It is really frustrating to see non-USA residents win permits and the Americans that pay taxes for these parks not get a permit. Is that fair?

We discussed how to get out to White Pocket with one of the rangers as we have that scheduled for later in the week. I strongly suggest that if you are going to North or South Coyote Buttes that you discuss the area conditions with the park rangers at the Paria Ranger Station prior to heading out.

After not receiving our “Wave” permit we headed back to Page to photograph Horseshoe Bend. It was a partially overcast day so I was not completely happy with the photos.

Horseshoe Bend is just outside of town on 89 south. The trail is ¾ of a mile and very sandy. It is not that difficult. When you arrive at the location it is very steep and there are no guard rails. Be very careful and pay attention to the rock you are walking out on as there may be no support underneath it. The drop off is immediate and 1,000 feet down.

To photograph Horseshoe Bend you will need a wide angle lens in the order of 14 to 24mm. Use Aperture priority say F22 or higher, a tripod, ISO 50 or 100, and a shutter release cable. Be sure to walk around and find your composition first. It is very difficult to get the entire bend in your shot without getting extremely close to the edge of the cliff. If you have to shoot a panorama, shoot one in Aperture priority mode, verify, and then use those settings to shoot in manual mode. Be sure and bracket all your shots, panorama and singles.

After horseshoe bend we went over to Lake Powell Resort for some lunch. We then went back to hotel to take a nap.

Spent the afternoon poolside!

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